The Poet Tree

Life's a Beach

Life’s a Beach

Douglas Wilson


Life’s a Beach.

Then the Tide comes in,

and then,

Life’s a Beach no more.

So find someone who can teach you

how to swim,

and learn,

while this Life still has its Shore.


The Other With The One

The Other With The One

Douglas Wilson


Back in Early Time when Time was something new

and Man had not yet had the thought that Time should e’er be through

and not yet Time to even wonder what his Time may lead him to

and Time not yet to consider; by the moment every Time would come due.


In the Market one morn’ came a begging young Lad

who most would accredit with naught but bad;

with a bowl and a cloak and no more Dignity clad;

with a hand open and a Hope, and it was all that he had.


It was there he happened upon the One of a Greater Age

and He there fell upon the Ponderance of that ancient and thoughtful Sage.

There with stern Vision, Truth was served by no more observant gauge,

Yes,” said the Hoary One,“ I have. I have that I can assuage.”

This I have of value and pass from my hand to you, and this also,

that you should know, in this One Coin are Two.

On One side its face shines Glorious but there the stories told half-through.

On the Other sits a Beast poised to spring and with this Coin you get him too.

You see One is as the Brother or the Father to the Son

and though either could be the Other; Neither can be just One.

So when One comes about to Abide a while think not the Other gone

for nearby the Other doth surely await it’s turn as the Night doth wait the Sun.

So know this Thee so it shall be Forevermore and from now on,

from this Dawn when You had nothing and ’til all you’ve had is gone,

remember this ’tis no matter which side your Fortune doth now rest upon;

From this day until Forever you took the Other with the One.

Now, it is a Time that is long until Forever and it is not Forever until then.

It is Time with plenty an hour for good Fortune to turn Sour, then Sweeten and Sour again.

And so, you shall find Each in Time ’til this Coin of Fortune weareth thin.

So, as it shows you its face look to see what of the Other your Fortune doth hold within.