Chateau Chocolique


  This web-site is devoted to writing the book that tells the story of The Life of Chocolate. Chocolate was a little brindle Bull Terrier who touched the lives of myself and everyone she met. You are invited to read, proofread, critique, comment upon, discuss the work, publishing, web development, or whatever comes to mind from your participation here.


The hoped for result of this endeavor is books or whatever other form her story can be conveyed to anyone and everyone whom might enjoy and appreciate her story. We will also be introducing you to Chateau Chocolique.


  The Chateau was our dream of our little place where we were going to escape to. She would chase rabbits, squirrels and any of her other little friends who scampered her way. I would make the wines and cheeses, grow the herbs and spices, surrounded by meadows of fruit trees.


  Since she only remains with us in spirit until we are reunited in the Eternal Chateau in the Great Beyond, all there is left to do is live the dream and keep the idea alive everyday, right here where we live.


  To that purpose I intend to seek out and join with chocolatiers, vintners, and other artisans who bring the good things to us that bring us pleasure, and, of course, the like minded foodies who would like to join with me in celebrating the simple pleasures that can make life really special, every day.


  So, while you're here enjoying the literature promulgating from Chocolates story you will also be able to acquire, here at Chateau Chocolique, chocolates, cheeses, coffees and teas, spices; all the good things that bring us the pleasures that make life a little more palatable, every day.


  Just follow the links to the tastes that you desire, join with us and be sure to share your thoughts on some of the simple pleasures you've discovered that the rest of us might enjoy seeking out, and exploring with you.