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Hashems Roastery and Market

  Hashems Roastery and Market. A General Store with an exotic Middle Eastern flavor. Harking back to the first Hashem's Nuts and Coffee Gallery established in 1959, in the village of Bint J Bail, in the south of Lebanon. There grandfather, Abu Ali Sheik Theeb furnished his neighbors and patrons from as far away as Beirut with roasted nuts and coffee, hand mixed spices such as seven spice, kebbeh, and falafel.

  Here at Hashems Roastery and Market, the Hashem family continues to use the same authentic recipes and processes Bo Ali used to make those amazing coffee, nuts and spices back in his original Nuts and Coffee Gallery. To ensure absolute freshness, coffee and nuts are roasted fresh daily. Spices are still hand mixed with no fillers or preservatives. These are authentic, top quality Middle Eastern products.

  Now, you will recognize many of the spices offered up here but I'm sure there will be those among you, unfamiliar with Middle Eastern cuisine, who will find many of the offerings things you have no experience with, and have no idea what they are; or, what to do with them. Don't worry and don't be intimidated. Hashems has the perfect solution to your conundrum; recipes.

  You will find a site link to recipes from, An Edible Mosaic, by Faith Gorsky. Her first cookbook, it is a collection of authentic Middle Eastern recipes handed down from her husbands family.

  Also, of course, there is their Blog, a conduit to the community allowing us to join the conversation and exchange ideas, recipes, any questions you may have. Think of you time spent with Hashems as a visit to a little village shop in Lebanon right at your finger tips. Enjoy a trip to the other side of the world from the comfort of your own home, and enjoy your experience at Hashems Roastery and Market.

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