I’m Back

My Comeback

I’m back? Where have I been and why have I been away for so long? These are likely the questions sure to come to mind if you’re reading this post. These questions and others will be the subject of this second inaugural blog entry.

Now, back in January of 2018, I was beginning this journey into the process of writing Chocolate’s book; and, developing this web presence to facilitate the process. I was gifted with this opportunity to have my own blog, as is the usual with websites these days. So, I wrote the inaugural post as an introduction, with its explanation of my reasons and purposes regarding this endeavor.

I ended it with the declaration that my next installment was going to involve the viability of the water that we drink and bathe in. With that, I proceeded to begin my research into the matter of water and what is the matter with our water these days. I was not too deep in the process when I began to realize what an expansive undertaking it was to become. Water is so much more complicated and involved than one would imagine at first glance.

Well, I am continuing my research into the purity of our water and all the ramifications that involve. It will take some time to do the subject matter the justice it’s due. I’ve even considered the possibility that it will deserve a whole book unto itself; it most certainly does deserve as much. However, the time I’ve invested in that research isn’t the only reason for my time away from my writing here.

It turns out, that while Chocolate was succumbing to the ravages of Kidney Disease I was suffering from a chronic illness myself. It had been progressing for years as it turned out.  Insidiously creeping me, inch by inch, downward into fatigue and pain that I had attributed to getting old, and letting myself get out of shape. This turned out to be a trap I highly recommend everyone getting on in years to be on the lookout for, and not allow themselves to fall into. Getting older doesn’t mean you should start falling apart and it shouldn’t be a catch-all for all the things that might start going wrong with your body. I will get into this subject more in depth in a future post but, for now, it is just part of the story of my absence from this forum in the last year.

This is just to let you know that I’m back and I have been working behind the scene, through my illness, doing my research into water, learning how to make a better website, write better copy, research better and learn all I can about anything that will make what I am trying to accomplish here better.

Anyway, here I am again and my next installment will be about an experiment I’m doing to see how I can get more useful life out of my batteries. See you then.