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Consider a Dog's Tale




This is just a little something to change the pace a little bit and have

some fun. I would like you to tell me what you think about this.








A Dogs Tale


  1.   This is a story that's stranger than true. It begins with me working on a customer's truck one day. I was removing and patching a flat tire. I would then turn to tighten up some loose nuts and bolts on the suspension, and I was to check the level of the gear oil.
  2.   I smashed my fingers, of course, taking the tire off the rim. You'd think I didn't feel like I was doing something constructive unless I was smashing my fingers or cracking my head on something. Such is the lot of a mechanic I suppose. A mechanic who, luckily, has a hard head.
  3.   Anyway, I'm off to wash my wounds and put bandages on the messy parts. So, I clean 'em up and head back out to finish the job, and low and behold; this little pup, whom I constantly ragged on for being so useful, so handy to have around, what with her working so hard to hold down the nearest available pillow; because, of course, there is the constant danger that they would float away when left unattended; this little girl had actually patched the tire, remounted it on the rim and was putting the tire back on the truck. I couldn't believe my eyes, although, I suppose I shouldn't have been surprised. We never lost a single pillow on her watch.
  4.   I ran and got the camera so that I could document this phenomenal example of man's best friend, demonstrating its readiness to partner with us, to join with us, working to make our tasks their own; and, they do try so hard.
  5.   After replacing the tire on the truck she busied herself tightening up the suspension on the rear end. I snapped some quick pictures, hanging back so as to be non-intrusive, so she wouldn't notice I was back. As she was finishing up she became aware that I was hanging out, watching her.
  6.   She turned and shot that self-satisfied look at me, the one she gets when she knows she's pulled off one of those amazingly remarkable; and, absolutely inexplicable feats of unexpected skills. Of course, also, I knew, that she knew, that I owed her. So, I'll be digging out the ribs. It's off to the beach for us. She's earned it.




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