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  If you are here primarily to get your chocolate fix or sink your teeth into some creatively created chocolate delicacies, then we can get you hooked up immediately with some recommendations you might enjoy.

  Let's do that right now, as the acquisition of fine chocolates and other assorted products by all our many friends will be one of our primary efforts here at Chateau Chocolique. We will be here to make that as easy and enjoyable as we possibly can.

Amberlyn Chocolates

   First we'll start with Amberlyn Chocolates. If you want the pleasure of a sweet treat without the extra calories (2.1 per gr. compared to 4 per gram for sugar) of sugar, Amberlyn is a good choice. Sugarless chocolates made with Belgian chocolate. Sugarless candies. Amberlyn does not use artificial ingredients, sweeteners, preservatives, or substitute oils. If your going sugarless, you might want to consider Amberlyn Chocolates.

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